Monday, February 18, 2008

Fashion 2008

“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in” ~ Paris Hilton

. . . And if you follow this seasons fashion trends, we promise – you will be found NOT GUILTY! Of any of the aforementioned offenses!

As designers continue to unveil their Spring & Summer Collections ~ we’ll see something old, something new, something borrowed, and something tie-dye!?

The Color Palette:

The F/W 2007 season saw beautiful deep jewel tone colors like ravishing ruby red, ethereal emerald green, and my personal favorite – sapphire blue! The Spring and Summer of 2008 will bring similar. Bright, bold candy colors will prove to be very popular. Yellows, orange, lavender, pink, silver, etc…will find their way into your wardrobe for sure. So if you have an aversion for color, well – you’ll just have to get over it my pretties! The fabulous icky sweetness of this seasons color palette will give you cavities for sure!

The Fabric:

Last season was all about sequins and various embellishments, but designers seem to have fallen in love with flowers this Spring! Floral patterns, designs, and embellishments will be another popular trend. From long flowing floral print maxi-dresses to rosette shaped attachments and buttons….you’ll definitely want to stop and smell the roses!


Tie-Dye/retro print is also making it’s comeback. But please note – this is NOT your mothers tie-dye!

tie dye

It's all about sheerosity in chiffon! Layer it with a matching - or contrasting cami and prepare for all eyes to be on you!

The Shoes:

WE ARE SPARTA!!!!! *insert gladiator face here*

Mmkay….cheesy, much? Yes! But laugh all you want, Gladiator sandals are going to be another huge trend this Spring and Summer! Will they be a hit or miss? That’s yet to be determined. I’ll leave that one up to you guys! Much like the Manolo Blahnik Timbs that were all the rave several years ago, but anyone with fashion common sense wouldn’t be caught rocking them today – I WILL NOT have a closet full of Gladiator sandals in varying colors, heel size, etc. Not to say you won’t find me rocking one pair, with my favorite ankle length dress…I just plan to not over do it! (lol)

chanel runwayshow gladshoe

The Cut and The Fit:

You’ll have plenty of options! From full skirts to pencil skirts - boyfriend style fit to high waisted with a flare, regardless of your personal style, size and shape – you should have no problem finding something that compliments your individuality.

We’ll flash back to June Cleaver-esque full skirts on dresses, to sexy and vampy pencil skirt fits. On the other end we’ll see a more baggy, yet tailored slacks, blazers and pinstripes reminiscent of pieces you’d find in your boyfriends, husbands, or fathers closet…with an ultra chic feminine touch of course!


The Accessory:

The accessory will follow fashion suit. Don’t be afraid to pick up that bright colored hair scarf to match the floral full skirted wrap dress. Slide on those chunky bangles with that tailored pencil skirt, and take a chance – put on that classic black beret that matches your boyfriend-cut slacks! Pick up that thin belt, yellow clutch, or oversized carry-all, either way, you’ll be right in line with this seasons trends!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Eboni, I am the owner and operator of (a subsidiary of the Hemingway Corporation, INC). A born & raised, tried & true Jersey Girl, I have made the Charlotte, North Carolina area my home for the last 2 years. I am a 30 year old mom, born under the sign of The Scales (Libra). I have a passion for business, sports, and fashion.

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