Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too short to wear a maxi dress?

A friend recently expressed to me that at 5'3 she felt she was too short for most maxi dresses. I'm 5'4 and don't really consider myself tall - but realize I'm not exactly "short" either because of how my is shaped.

To fix my friends immediate problem - feeling like most maxis are too long for her, I told her about a relative. She's 4'11 and has become sooooo creative in finding ways to make her clothes fit her needs. She's become something of an expert in homemade tailoring and LIVES by hem tape! You can find it in just about any store and it's pretty cheap too at less than $5 for a roll that will last through several alterations. So if floor-dragging hem-lines aren't really your thing, invest in a roll or two of hem tape and this should solve your problem quickly & easily!

Another thing to consider when deciding on a maxi dress is, as I mentioned earlier - your body shape & type. Here are two pictures for illustrative purposes:

We're both about the same height. However take note of how her torso is a little longer than my own, my legs are a little longer than hers (though its probably hard to tell in this image) and my boobs are also bigger. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to get the hem of the dress to fall any lower than where it is, which is roughly at the lower calf area. In the 2nd image, the hem falls lower - and if you look closely, part of the waistline is gathered a bit where her hand is sitting on her hip - so she could probably pull the dress down to add even more length.

So when you're debating whether or not a maxi dress if for you remember to take those things into consideration. And when all else fails - don't forget the HEM TAPE!! (lol)


Dress-A-Week Give Away!

Contest entry rules are pretty simple:

1. Add us as a friend on either myspace, facebook - or add our blogsite to your blogroll.

2. Repost the contest on your own blogsite, myspace bulletin OR facebook account. Including a link back to and our blogsite - You don't have to repost on all 3 (though you can if you'd like), but you must repost on at least one.

3. Drop us a note or email and let us know that you've done it!

4. Winners will be announced every Wednesday !

It's just that simple!

The first dress up for grabs is the Summer Love Pencil Dress. Available in both white and pink! Normally priced at $46 - enter the contest before next Tuesday evening to have a chance to hang this in your closet for $0!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Sale & Dress -a-week giveaway!

This week we are launching a fabulous "Dress-A-Week" giveaway that will last through September 15th!!

Contest entry rules are pretty simple:

1. Add us as a friend on either myspace, facebook - or add our blogsite to your blogroll.

2. Repost the contest on your own blogsite, myspace bulletin OR facebook account. Including a link back to and our blogsite - You don't have to repost on all 3 (though you can if you'd like), but you must repost on at least one.

3. Drop us a note or email and let us know that you've done it!

4. Winners will be announced every Wednesday !

It's just that simple!

The first dress up for grabs is the Summer Love Pencil Dress. Available in both white and pink! Normally priced at $46 - enter the contest before next Tuesday evening to have a chance to hang this in your closet for $0!

Don't forget - take advantage of our boutique summer sale as well! Act fast!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trend Alert: Dip dye/Tie dye & The Maxi Dress

Dip-dye maxi dresses = What you get when you combine two of the hottest trends of the summer!

If you have an aversion to throw-back fashion, this summer season has been the pits for you! We've revisited retro/mod prints, full june cleaver-esque skirts on dresses, rompers and tie dye/dip dye!

Honestly, I didn't really appreciate the multi-colored prints until I got older. I hated being forced to make tie-dye tshirts as a kid, I rarely - if ever, wore 'em. But it's funny how things change as we get older! (lol)

How cute is Jessica Alba in her dip-dye maxi?

The Diabless Ombre Print Maxi available at Asos for $378

Pink Pixie dip-dye maxi dress available at Oh So Chic for just $61

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Monday, July 14, 2008

What's She Wearing?: Designer Inspired & A Sunday Evening Date

So I blogged last week about the Roland Mouret designer inspired dress that was added to the site. I couldn't wait to wear it! I had the opportunity to put it on this weekend, it was my SO's b-day, and we went out to celebrate.

Initially I was worried about having the right shoe to wear with it. I remembered my orange stilettos - but then I worried about being too "matchy-matchy". I *think* it worked out pretty well (the shoe & dress combo)...what do you think?

Me vs Nicole Kidman (lol)....don't laugh people!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Arrivals: Retro Chic, Romper & Designer Inspired

We added three new pieces to Oh So Chic! Boutique this week!

Retro Chic Dress : Affordably priced at just $45

Plaid woven blend/ 9-button front closure / removable belt that can be tied in front or back / full circle skirt / unlined / cotton blend.

Sunset Tea Party Dress: Affordably priced at just $49

Perfect for a late evening tea party, this bright orange dress features a zippered back, asymmetrical collar, removable belt and 6 inch slit in the back. Available in bright orange only, limited quantity! Order yours today.

Amazon Leopard Print Romper: Affordably priced at just $39

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Roland Mouret

Known for his neatly tailored, body shaping dresses with geometric shaped collars & bust lines - Roland Mouret is a designer on the rise. His formal training wasn't the traditional - as he only spent a few months in fashion college.

It was the introduction of his Galaxy Dress in 2006 that really put him on the map.Victoria Beckham, Dita Von Teese and Nicole Kidman are among the many Hollywood stars who have been spotted in a Mouret. His style is timeless, chic, classic and feminine. Needless to say - they retail for upwards of $3,000! However, we've got our own designer inspired version of the couture Mouret style at just a fraction of the price at an affordable $49!

Similar to this look worn by Nicole Kidman

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trend Alert: Hair Edition - Inverted Bob

Two words for the inverted bob trend: LOVE.IT! It's layered, it's styled, it's angled, and it's got body - absolutely fabulous!

I've always been daring when it comes to changing my hairstyles. I have a facial shape that goes perfectly with just about any cut. From short pixie cuts, to long extensions, blackberry red to superman blue - I probably changed styles twice a year.

A couple years ago I decided to lay off the permanent dyes, throw away the scissors -and let my hair grow long & healthy. I resisted the urge for about 1.5 yrs. Then Victoria and Rihanna started rocking the most fierce (in my opinion at least) hairstyles of the year.

So one Thursday evening during the Spring I finally said "Screw it....I'm getting my hair cut". About 3 hours later I walked into the house minus about 5 inches of hair! My SO gave me the iciest look ever! To say he wasn't very excited with my new look would be an understatement. "It's just hair", I told him -"it'll grow back."

Three months later and it's starting to grow back. I'm caught in that "in between" stage of growing out a hair cut. It's growing out in the same shape as the cut, but anyone who has ever tried to overcome layers knows how much good that is.

I saw this picture of Tichina Arnold at this weekends Essence Music Festival and fell in LUST with the dark hair color. My own color is a dusty brown. Kinda "blah", nothing special really. After seeing Tichina's color, I am >>this<< close to going back to jet-black. I'll keep you all posted on what I decide.


We have several new arrivals coming in over the next few days. Here's the first - Sunset Tea Party Dress, affordably priced tea-length dress at just $49. Available in bright orange, limited quantities and will not be re-stocked once it's sold out!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trend Alert: The Romper

The jury is still out on this summers trend, a twist on the old school jumper, the stylish and chic romper ! I'd go as far as saying it has polarized bloggers more than HRC vs. BHO split the democratic party in this years primary season! Yup!!

To some it's a painful reminder of that youthful period in their lives when they had absolutely no control over their wardrobe (lol) to others - it's a grown up twist on an young person classic. We've seen them everywhere - from Beyonce, to Rhianna, to Nicole Richie - but just because the stars are wearing them, doesn't mean we have to love them, right?

Personally, I'm still very much torn. Though by all accounts, my body type would be considered slender, I have extremely long legs to be 5'4, and wear a DD cup! So a romper that is fun and playful on someone else, will be sex kitten on me. So to that extent, I have to be EXTREMELY careful.

Generally, I'm an advocate of the fact that beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. However, with the romper trend - I have to stand firm, just because they make it in your size - doesnt mean you should wear it. And that applies whether you're a size 8 or 18. The key to successfully pulling off the romper look is to be honest with yourself about your body style & shape.

* Bootymeat: Please take the size of your rear into consideration before purchasing or wearing a romper. As bootylicious as Beyonce may be, note how her romper set provides extra coverage to her hind parts.

* Waistline: If your romper has a gathered or cinched waist, take the proper precautions to ensuring that your middle is cinched as well. You all know that I am a firm believer in Spanx & other body shaping undergarments. Don't be afraid to wear one.

* Length: It's no longer a romper once it hits your knees! And on the flip side, you're veering into the territory of panties if we see camel toe and too much thigh!

We'll be adding this leopard print romper to Oh So Chic later on this week. It's very daring, and honestly - not my normal style. But I figure one of two things, I'll look really hot - or just wear it as a swimsuit cover up!!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Chicpreneur: Gemini Greetings LLC

We hope you had a safe & relaxing 4th of July holiday weekend! Our normal weekend blog edition - The Chicpreneur was pushed back to today!

This week we had a chance to talk to Angelice Tyson, founder & own of Gemini Greetings - a specialty shop with a focus on gretting cards specifically for multiples, and the people who love and care for them. Angelice has a wonderful story that can be read here: Angelice Tyson & Gemini Greetings

We hope you enjoy our interview with Angelice!


OSC: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?

Gemini Greetings: I'm old soul at heart who met her hubby on the internet and had three children with two years. I have always been a career driven woman focused on providing great service no matter what the job entailed. A resident of Baton Rouge, home of the LSU Tigers, my husband and I enjoy being close to the New Orleans and yet only four hours away from Houston.

OSC: Now tell us one random, fun fact about yourself!

Gemini Greetings: While employed at Walt Disney World, I played Pluto at the Contemporary Hotel.

OSC: How cute! Lets talk about business! How did you starts yours? What was your inspiration?

Gemini Greetings: Gemini Greetings was inspired by my identical twin boys. Early on we received cards that were made for one baby and would be scratched out to reflect for two. But it wasn't until I needed a card for the twins to give a playmate for a birthday party. I simply could not find a card reflecting two kids, let alone twins, to say "happy birthday from us".

Less than a year later, I decided to put my frustrations into creative energy and start a company offering a solution to anyone looking for cards focused on multiples. After a great deal of research on companies who might be potential competitors, I knew I had a niche market that needed attention.

OSC: Wonderul story! I love how you turned your frustrations into an answer & successful business! What has been the most fulfilling aspect of business ownership for you?

Gemini Greetings:Business ownership carries a great deal of responsibility, not only to myself, but to my customers and anyone that affiliates itself with Gemini Greetings. It is nice to be in a position to be the decision maker, although not every decision is the easiest to make, it comes with the job.

OSC: Spotlight one of your products or services - tell us why you love it!

Gemini Greetings:Gemini Greetings offers to print messages within any of our cards and will even mail them to the customer's recipient list. Today's moms are very busy and this service lets them scratch one more thing off of their "to-do list". With gas prices increasing each day, Gemini Greetings offers to take care of these personal messages with only a few clicks of a mouse.

OSC: And finally, what's the most important piece of advice that you'd pass on to other aspiring chicpreneurs?

Gemini Greetings: Anyone considering becoming a business owner should get a note book, keep it in the purse and write down any thoughts about the business, as they occur. This way everything is in one place. Don't be shy about asking other business owners for advise. I contacted a few small business owners who I admired and asked to meet for coffee. There is no better advice than one can receive from a variety of people who "have been there & done that".



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Monday, July 7, 2008

Custom Swarovski Tees

I have a thing for graphic tees - yes, even at 30! Customized swarovski adorned tee shirts and hot pants seem to be a new trend. We've found a few on the net that show allow you to bling your love for your favorited Presiential Nominee, display your Law of Attraction, and even a Hello Kitty! design!

Opulent Favors offers a full selection of Custom Swarovski Tees (click here)

I really like this one (lol it's a blog thing, but I'm sure you'll understand!)

They also have several election year customized designs. Check out this Future Democrat/Future Republican cute is that!

You can also choose between a set LOA custom t-shirts at Oh So Chic! as well. We feature a series: i pray, i believe, and i manifest .

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trend Alert: High-Waist Shorts

We've seen the both the high waist skirts and pants both make their comeback. Though clearly, some are hating the trend? Why? Well, because high-waisted anything tends to accentuate the parts of our body that most women have the toughest time "controlling" !

However I'm here to tell you that you din't need to be waifishly thin, or Beyonce-curvy to pull off a well put together high-waist look! A few things to keep in mind when purchasing/wearing the look

* Fit is CRUCIAL!: There is nothing more tacky that bulging buttons. Even the most fabulous diva sometimes battles with a case of bloating or extra belly. This is why I personally believe in the power of the Spanx! If you are a woman over the age of 21 years old, you should own several quality body shaping & firming undergarments. In my most humble opinion of course!

* Whats up top?: In the case of the high-waist, what you wear on top is equally important to what you're wearing on the bottom. Keep the tops sleek and fitted. A cute tank, or fitted top that can be tucked in? Perfect!

Here are a couple affordable options to pull of a high-waist shorts look:

Blue Cotton/denim high waist shorts: $33

Yellow and white high waist shorts: $33