Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trend Alert: Hair Edition - Inverted Bob

Two words for the inverted bob trend: LOVE.IT! It's layered, it's styled, it's angled, and it's got body - absolutely fabulous!

I've always been daring when it comes to changing my hairstyles. I have a facial shape that goes perfectly with just about any cut. From short pixie cuts, to long extensions, blackberry red to superman blue - I probably changed styles twice a year.

A couple years ago I decided to lay off the permanent dyes, throw away the scissors -and let my hair grow long & healthy. I resisted the urge for about 1.5 yrs. Then Victoria and Rihanna started rocking the most fierce (in my opinion at least) hairstyles of the year.

So one Thursday evening during the Spring I finally said "Screw it....I'm getting my hair cut". About 3 hours later I walked into the house minus about 5 inches of hair! My SO gave me the iciest look ever! To say he wasn't very excited with my new look would be an understatement. "It's just hair", I told him -"it'll grow back."

Three months later and it's starting to grow back. I'm caught in that "in between" stage of growing out a hair cut. It's growing out in the same shape as the cut, but anyone who has ever tried to overcome layers knows how much good that is.

I saw this picture of Tichina Arnold at this weekends Essence Music Festival and fell in LUST with the dark hair color. My own color is a dusty brown. Kinda "blah", nothing special really. After seeing Tichina's color, I am >>this<< close to going back to jet-black. I'll keep you all posted on what I decide.


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kitty said...

You have some really cute stuff. I wish you had larger sizes in some of you items... for example the orange dress. Keep up the good work!