Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too short to wear a maxi dress?

A friend recently expressed to me that at 5'3 she felt she was too short for most maxi dresses. I'm 5'4 and don't really consider myself tall - but realize I'm not exactly "short" either because of how my is shaped.

To fix my friends immediate problem - feeling like most maxis are too long for her, I told her about a relative. She's 4'11 and has become sooooo creative in finding ways to make her clothes fit her needs. She's become something of an expert in homemade tailoring and LIVES by hem tape! You can find it in just about any store and it's pretty cheap too at less than $5 for a roll that will last through several alterations. So if floor-dragging hem-lines aren't really your thing, invest in a roll or two of hem tape and this should solve your problem quickly & easily!

Another thing to consider when deciding on a maxi dress is, as I mentioned earlier - your body shape & type. Here are two pictures for illustrative purposes:

We're both about the same height. However take note of how her torso is a little longer than my own, my legs are a little longer than hers (though its probably hard to tell in this image) and my boobs are also bigger. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to get the hem of the dress to fall any lower than where it is, which is roughly at the lower calf area. In the 2nd image, the hem falls lower - and if you look closely, part of the waistline is gathered a bit where her hand is sitting on her hip - so she could probably pull the dress down to add even more length.

So when you're debating whether or not a maxi dress if for you remember to take those things into consideration. And when all else fails - don't forget the HEM TAPE!! (lol)


Dress-A-Week Give Away!

Contest entry rules are pretty simple:

1. Add us as a friend on either myspace, facebook - or add our blogsite to your blogroll.

2. Repost the contest on your own blogsite, myspace bulletin OR facebook account. Including a link back to and our blogsite - You don't have to repost on all 3 (though you can if you'd like), but you must repost on at least one.

3. Drop us a note or email and let us know that you've done it!

4. Winners will be announced every Wednesday !

It's just that simple!

The first dress up for grabs is the Summer Love Pencil Dress. Available in both white and pink! Normally priced at $46 - enter the contest before next Tuesday evening to have a chance to hang this in your closet for $0!

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