Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trend Alert: The Romper

The jury is still out on this summers trend, a twist on the old school jumper, the stylish and chic romper ! I'd go as far as saying it has polarized bloggers more than HRC vs. BHO split the democratic party in this years primary season! Yup!!

To some it's a painful reminder of that youthful period in their lives when they had absolutely no control over their wardrobe (lol) to others - it's a grown up twist on an young person classic. We've seen them everywhere - from Beyonce, to Rhianna, to Nicole Richie - but just because the stars are wearing them, doesn't mean we have to love them, right?

Personally, I'm still very much torn. Though by all accounts, my body type would be considered slender, I have extremely long legs to be 5'4, and wear a DD cup! So a romper that is fun and playful on someone else, will be sex kitten on me. So to that extent, I have to be EXTREMELY careful.

Generally, I'm an advocate of the fact that beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. However, with the romper trend - I have to stand firm, just because they make it in your size - doesnt mean you should wear it. And that applies whether you're a size 8 or 18. The key to successfully pulling off the romper look is to be honest with yourself about your body style & shape.

* Bootymeat: Please take the size of your rear into consideration before purchasing or wearing a romper. As bootylicious as Beyonce may be, note how her romper set provides extra coverage to her hind parts.

* Waistline: If your romper has a gathered or cinched waist, take the proper precautions to ensuring that your middle is cinched as well. You all know that I am a firm believer in Spanx & other body shaping undergarments. Don't be afraid to wear one.

* Length: It's no longer a romper once it hits your knees! And on the flip side, you're veering into the territory of panties if we see camel toe and too much thigh!

We'll be adding this leopard print romper to Oh So Chic later on this week. It's very daring, and honestly - not my normal style. But I figure one of two things, I'll look really hot - or just wear it as a swimsuit cover up!!

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