Monday, June 30, 2008

What's she wearing?: Business Casual Tops for Summer

Staying comfortably cool, yet chic and stylish while at work can sometimes be a challenge during the summer months. Depending on your employers dress policy, and the temperature inside the building - it's often a very daunting task!

Here are two of my favorite tops to wear. They both feature a ruffled front, and high neck. You can pair them with slacks or skirts without worry of meeting a dress code, or being too warm!

Teacher's Pet: $28

It Girl! Top: $37

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The ChicPreneur: Jasmines Bath & Beauty

This weekend's edition of The Chicpreneur features the owner of Jasmines Bath & Beauty - a natural approach to hair and skin care!


OSC: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?

Jasmine's: I'm a married mother of three. I love to read,watch movies, listen to music and network on the internet with others that share similar interests.

OSC: Tell us one random, fun fact about yourself!

Jasmine's: I can be very silly and playful especially with my kids. I love to laugh at myself.

OSC: Ok,now on to business - how did you start yours? What was your inspiration?

Jasmine's: I started my business by giving away free samples to volunteer testers and asking for their opinions and suggestions on the products. My goal was to offer quality products for the hair and body. It was important that my products contain organic ingredients and paraben free preservatives.

My daughter Jasmine was my inspiration. I've spent countless hours researching products and trying to find a solution to her once dry broken hair.I had baskets full of products that I'd wasted money on and decided that enough was enough. I refuse to spend any more of my money on useless,greasy products geared towards African American hair. Jasmine's Bath and Beauty Products was born.

OSC: Thank you! What has been the most fulfilling aspect of business ownership?

Jasmine's: Customer Feedback. I love to hear from my customers. I've had questions from ladies of different ethnic backgrounds and I've learned that some of the issues that we face with our hair and skin is also shared by other non-ethnic women.

OSC: Spotlight one of your products - tell our readers why you love it!

Jasmine's: The Shampoo Bar! It has an amazingly smooth texture and leaves the hair so soft and silky!!It's gentle enough to use on children and won't dry the skin. Even those with sensitive skin can use it because it's fragrance free. It doubles as a bath bar so you get two products for the price of one.

OSC: And our last question - what's the most important piece of advice that you'd pass on to other aspiring business owners?

Jasmine's: Stop hesitating.The time is now! Take your passion, do the research and start your business.Network with other business owners and exchange ideas and information. Business is all about positive relationships.


We'd like to thank Jasmine's Bath & Beauty for taking the time to answer our questions! For a limited time, receive a free sample of the shampoo bar with every purchase !

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's she wearing?: Summer White Wrap-Dress

Summer is my favorite of the four seasons (with Fall coming in a close second). The warm weather, bright colors, and of course - SUMMER DRESSES! It's ironic because 15years ago, you wouldn't catch me in a dress. I was pretty self-concious as a child. I was 5'4 and weighed in at 100lbs soaking weight. I suppose for some that may sound ideal, but that height & weight translated to a lanky rail thin teenager with these super long legs and huge boobs! Ironically enough, I was also a varsity cheerleader at that time! So as self concious as I may have been, that didn't stop me from donning my micro-mini cheerleading skirt!

Now fast forward 15 years and I own more dresses, skirts, and shorts than I do slacks or jeans. It took a combination of getting over it and 45lbs to make it happen though!

I woke up this morning and decided that I wanted to celebrate the start of the season by wearing this cute summer white wrap-dress! With a light blue cardigan and peep toe pumps, it's perfect for work! I purchased the nicest Blue Topaz jewerly set from Lady Lynns Boutique several weeks ago, so the earrings, bracelet and ring topped off my outfit perfectly!

Happy Hump Day!

Affordable Summer White Wrap Dress available for $44 @

Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthstones: Opal & Pink Tourmaline

I'm an October baby, a true Libra Diva by defintion. We love peace, strive for balance - and are probably the most diplomatic of all the Zodiac. Generally speaking, we are attractive, gracious, and love pretty things - from artwork to jewels. Our spending habits aren't exactly the best, so the Libra woman often finds herself "improvising" and daydreaming until the time (and money) comes that will allow her to REALLY live the lifestyle she wants!

Well I'm here to say that right now I'm doing as Kanye West suggests "Before I had it, I closed my eyes and imagined!" (lol)My wallet doesn't allow me to indulge in my quest for a collection of all the gemstones my heart desires. I pretty much refuse to look at them. I figure, until I can afford to get EXACTLY what I want, I'm not even going to be cruel and tease myself by window-shopping. That is until a few weeks ago when I had a conversation with my SO's mom, a jewelry afficianado! She's fun, classic, no holds barred, and has a collection to last a life time.

Our conversation began when he asked her if she could tell the difference between a diamonique and a real diamond. From there we spent the next hour discussing cuts, gems, charms, clasps, EVERYTHING. I told her that I wanted to purchase a really good set of pearls for my 31st b-day this year. From there the discussion turned to my birthstone, which I told her I hated - the opal. It isn't brilliant and sparkly like the diamond, nor is it my favorite stone/color like the blue sapphire. My aunt had given me an gold opal tennis bracelet for my birthday a few years back. I wore it a few times and tossed it in a drawer. My SO's mom gave me a very thorough history of the opal, how to care for it, and how impressive they really could be. She then told me about my other birthstone, the pink tourmaline. I was aware of it - but again, disregarded it because it wasn't my favorite, the diamond or blue sapphire. She checked me good once again! Since that conversation I've grown a fascination towards the opal & pink tourmaline. I google image them, and daydream about opal & pink tourmaline rings.

I've already found a pair of cute pink tourmaline & opal dangle drop earrings and a PT & O ring that I could wear every day that would match the earrings perfectly. And this pink tourmaline e-ring which is suprisingly affordable! *signs* One day...I'll have an out of this world collection myself - but to close just as I opened, in the words of Kanye West..."Before, I had it I closed my eyes and imagine"

Until tomorrow - enjoy the rest of your monday!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The ChicPreneur

It's bad enough that women still suffer from a gender gap when climbing the corporate ladder, but female entrepreneurs around the world also experience a gender gap when it comes to owning and starting up their own businesses. A study of 41 countries by the Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College in the U.S has found that women are hugely active in creating and running businesses around the world, contributing to economies representing more than 70 per cent of the world's population and 93 per cent of global GDP.Yet a gender gap persisted in new venture creation and business ownership, it argued, with the gender difference most obvious in high-income countries ...... Article by: Nic Paton for


The gender gap, corporate glass ceiling, and desire to be more readily available to their families are probably amongst the most popular reasons that women give when they make the sacrificial decision to explore business ownership. Depending on the industry - we look to entrepreneurship as a level playing field, and an opportunity to ensure financial freedom and stability.

Unfortunately, we're sometimes so eager in our quest - we are unprepared, overwhelmed, underfunded, and aren't fully supported in our endeavors. Ultimately leading to failure. However, despite the statistics - I'm here to say that it isn't all doom & gloom! I have drawn personal inspiration from dozens of women small-business owners who often go nameless and unrecognized.

But we are going to shine the spotlight on those many faces, and give them the recognition they deserve! "The Chicpreneur" will become a weekend blog special, where we interview various women on their way to building successful businesses!


Shannon Denton of is our first feature in The Chicpreneur series! We hope you enjoy our interview with Shannon:

Oh So Chic: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?

My name is Shannon Denton, I am a proud wife to Matt of nine years and mother to Meghan (8) and Amanda (6). We live in the hot Southwest, Arizona.

Oh So Chic: Ok Shannon! Now tell us one random, fun fact about yourself!

Shannon: One random fun crazy fact about me is I have to have my toes painted at all times and I have now passed this onto my girls.

Oh So Chic:
Thank you! Now on to business - how did you start yours? What was your inspiration?

Shannon: I started QT Sunglasses back in 2002 on eBay just thinking selling little things there would bring a little extra money to do fun things. After trying my husbands ideas on what to sell on eBay one day I asked him why not sunglasses? He thought I was crazy but I told him this is up my alley since it had to do with fashion and its girly. In 2006 I saw my girl friends website and I thought why not branch out off of eBay and start a online store as well. Since then I have grown to a small online business that helps support my family and stay home with the girls too.

Oh So Chic: What has been the most fulfilling aspect of business ownership for you Shannon?

Shannon: The most fulfilling aspect of owning my business is I get to stay at home with my girls. My husband and I always wanted me to stay home with the girls and not have them in daycare. With todays cost of living for the American family on the rise, I am grateful that I am bring in an income and not have to leave my home office.

Oh So Chic: Now spotlight one of your products/services - tell our readers why you love it!

Shannon: I have so many favorite sunglasses. My favorite has to be the pair I wear all the time Dolce and Gabbana Inspired SunglassesItem #452 They are not to over the top but they still make a awesome statement.
My second favorite item I sell witch might sounds silly to some are my Visor Clips. These keep my sunglasses off my front seat and now I know where
my glasses are at all times.

Oh So Chic: Thanks Shannon! Our final question, what's the most important piece of advice that you'd pass on to other aspiring business owners?

Shannon: The advice I give other aspiring business is to follow your instinct and sell things that you love and are inspired by. Take any support you can take from family and friends. An online business does not take off over night but over years so do not give up and hold onto your dreams.


We thank Shannon of for taking the time to answer our questions! She is offering a special promotion to all of our readers as well! Receive 15% off any order by using the coupon code "ChicPreneur" during check out! The offer is not valid with any other coupon or volume discounts. Shannon is also taking new affiliates. For more information please vist: Affiliate information


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Friday, June 20, 2008

Her Chic Style: Victoria Beckham

Wife to David, mother to Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham is the feature of this weeks "Her Chic Style"; where we play dress up with the stars!

Personally, I *heart* Victoria Beckham. I couldn't stand her as part of the Spice Girls. Well - I hated the Spice Girls period, but thats besides the point! Anyways - so Mrs. Beckham has totally grown on me over the last few years. I probably wouldn't wear half the things she does - partly because my body isn't built for it, but also because Im just not that brave! On any given day she leaves the house paparazzi ready and all dolled up! Sometimes she fails miserably with her creations, other times she gets 5 gold stars! But you've gotta give her credit for staying true to herself and going that extra 1/2 inch! (lol)

So I asked myself: What would Victoria wear? . Her style is absolutely glam, posh & chic. She loves to show off her legs and isn't afraid to play up her cleavage. I'm going to dress Mrs Beckham in this Shanton Babydoll dress (available in fuschia). It's girly, feminine and innocent while giving just a hint of cleave, and shows off the legs. I imagine she'd pair it with some mary jane style heels, and one of her girly hair adornments that she wears.

Affordable babydoll dress available at Oh So Chic Boutique for $46

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jada Pinkett-Smith: Then & Now

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I caught an old episode of A Different World earlier today and thought about Jada Pinkett Smith. Wow would of ever thought that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air would hook up Lena James from Hillman!? (lol) I don't know if Jada had done any major work prior to A Different World, but I know this much - I REALLY thought her portrayal of the Lena character was who she really was. So I was pleasently shocked to find that she was so well put together!! LOL

I love she and Will as a couple. A Hollywood marriage lasting almost 11yrs? I don't know how they've managed to defy the norm but I'd like to know their secret! I imagine Jada to be very down to earth, humble, fun to be around, and an awesome mother! Or like the big sister you've always wanted, or the best friend in your head! (lol)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Megan Fox & Halle Berry in Gucci Gold

So I'm watching Transformers for about the 22nd time - yeah, could say that I'm slightly obsessed with this movie. But umm...where was I? Oh - yes, watching Transformers and I decided to do a random google search for Megan Fox. She is just soooo gorgeous to me. Her bone structure, pretty eyes - and eyebrows, love 'em! Yes...I've also got a thing for eyebrows. As women, we understand how difficult it can be to get your brows juuust right, and how EASY it is to screw them all to hell! One wrong pluck and a face is RUINED for at least 2months!

But I've digressed. So I google Megan and just browse the pictures and come across this shot of her in a Gucci gold mini dress.! I can't tell you how excited I got. Halle Berry wore the same dress as well. (sidebar: she's hot too). But that isn't what excited me...I actually have the same exact piece! Well, except it isn't Versace, but almost!! (lol)

Anyways, here's Oh So Chic's designer inspired dress available for a fraction of the cost of the "real thing"! LOL

It's just $46 and available at

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer of the Maxi Dress!

They.Are.Everywhere!!! If you have an aversion to material below your knees - get over it! Screw what the weather man is telling you the maxi dress is this summer's HOTNESS!

Of course, at Oh So Chic Boutique, we have a few of our own!!

Take advantage of our Summer Dress Sale by ordering today! Just enter discount code: ChicSummer at check out and receive 10% off and free shipping!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Affordable Summer Dresses!

Of course, all available at Oh So Chic Boutique !! :-)

You'll stand out in thisstrapless summer dress ! The bright colors and floral pattern fit perfectly into the trends of this season. It features a back zipper and a attached sash that can be tied in the front or rear! Available for a budget friendly $46.00!

June 21 amulti colored flower print tube dress

We also luv summer pencil dresses and have a few budget friendly for you to choose from!

Availble for just $39, bengaline pencile dress with a soft rose print.

June 21 x

And another, strapless pencil dress available in white with black detail and also pink with white detailing. All affordably priced at :$46.00

white pencil dress

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Affordable Summer Dresses at Oh So Chic

Let's take a look at some of Oh So Chic! Boutique's most affordable summer dresses!

This orange strapless mini bubble dress is only $31 and perfect for a casual afternoon in the park, at the beach, or wherever you'll be hanging out on the hottest days this summer.

This sexy party dress is available in silver and purple for just $38. It's a hot dress, but will keep you cool on the warmest summer nights!

misope silver

The maxi dress has proven itself to be a trendy hit this fashion season! The maxi is feminine, flirty, sophisticated and sexy! This black, tan and red maxi is yours for just $42!

Red Tan and Black long dress

Happy Saturday!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Her Chic Style: Michelle Obama

We'll be doing a weekly feature titled "Her Chic Style" where we will spotlight a celeb/entertainer - or in this case, potential First Lady, and examine her style - and play pretend e-dress up with her!

Let me tell it, Michelle Obama is the epitome of modern day style, chicness, and fab! Growing up, I imagined what I would be like as a 40-something professional, mother, wife and diva. I didn't know it then, but the mental picture I created was that of Michelle Obama! Often compared to the lovely Jackie O, Michelle O is definitely setting a new trend on what Fab at 40+ can look like!

This first picture is my all time fave! far. I love how she isn't afraid to play with color in this simple purple dress, and she definitely knows how to accessorize! The wide belt sets it off, and perfectly highlights her figure that puts a lot of women half her age to shame! Her trademark chunky pearls paired with matching earrings has me browsing for my own set! And her hair!! LOVE.IT! I'll admit that several months ago, I was a little concerned about her edges. They seemed....I dunno, not as full as I would like! But lately her hair has been fierce! I wonder does she do roller sets? Dry wraps? Dominican blow outs? How often does she use heat? I'll be emailing to ask those questions, I promise to let you know if she answers!


Her style is constantly chic, effortless, and age appropriate. She isnt trying to be 21 again, nor is she resigned to dressing like she's got one foot in the grave either.

michelle o

michelle 2


michelle 5

michelle 6

michelle 3

Now....after carefully studying Mrs. Obama, I asked myself - if I had to send her one item, and one item only from the Oh So Chic Collection what would it be? Well, clearly, Michelle is a Classic Chic kinda lady. No party dresses, or super tight tops. So with that said, I think Michelle wants to wear the Tradition Dress .

The Tradition is a classic Sheath Dress. She can play it down by wearing it sans belt, throwing on a pair of flats and a cardigan. OR she can completely dress it up by accessorizing with a glam wide-waist belt or sash, a pair of stilettos and her chunky pearls. She can take it from casual 9-5 to black tie event in under 15minutes!

Stay tuned for next Friday's Her Chic Style: Victoria Beckham!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Oh So Chic Boutique turns 1 this month! Yes - June marks one full year in business and we are so excited!

In honor of all of our fabulous customers and wonderful supporters - we have a special birthday gift just for you! Sign up for our Oh So Chic! Newsletter via our website by June 29th and you will be automatically entered into our $100 merchandise give away! There is no purchase required, nor do we spam! So head over to Oh So Chic Boutique and subscribe to our newsletter today!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chic Tips for Recession Spending

Depending on who you ask, our economy has either been in a recession for the last several months, or is headed into a recession by the next fiscal quarter. Discretionary consumer spending is down and those lovely checks from the government certainly haven’t “stimulated” the economy in the ways we thought it would.
So the question is, what does all of that mean to the fashionista? Those of us addicted to retail? Simply put, it means we have to be creative in our quest for flyness! I’ve compiled several tips that will certainly prove useful during this stormy economic season.

Chic Tips for Recession Spending:

1.Comparison shop: I’ll admit to being an extremely compulsive buyer. When I see something hot, I immediately move into “gotta have it NOW” mode. I completely disregard the the price and rarely check for cheaper options. However, to be a savvy chic shopper – we MUST compare prices. Ladies – repeat after me: I.WILL.COMPARISON.SHOP!

Lets take a quick peak at an example to illustrate this point! An Oh So Chic Savvy Shopper found this great savings! offers this Romeo&Juliet Couture bubble mini dress. They list the retail value of this coral mini dress at $150, their mark down price is $90 – and then their final sale price is $79.99 offered this SAME dress at one price, and one price only - $31.00!

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Oh So Chic's Affordable Price

Same dress at Blue Fly

2.Shipping Costs: Now at first thought, this would primarily apply when you’re shopping online, however – this can also be weighed into your purchase decisions when you tell yourself on Monday that you’re headed out to the mall on Saturday to pick up an item. With the average cost of gas in the United States coming in at a whopping $4 per gallon, and an expected rise of $5 per gallon before the end of the summer, the Chic Savvy Shopper must consider her shipping options. Search out Online Boutique sites that offer free or discounted shipping. But in doing this, be sure to read the fine print. Is there a minimum purchase amount? What are their return policies? How long will it take for you to receive your order? If necessary, contact the merchant directly to have these questions answered. This tip, combined with Tip #1 can save you a TON of money after it’s all said and done.

3.Shop the Sales!: This tip could really go hand in hand with tip #1. As Online-Boutiques (webtiques) along with brick&mortar storefronts look to entice shoppers despite the economic downturn, there will be a rise in special sales and savings. Look for sites that offer special discounts over and above their already budget-friendly pricing and discounted shipping!

Lets use the example in Tip #1:

The mini dress at it’s lowest price from Bluefly, was 79.99 vs an affordable boutique price of $31.00 at Oh So Chic. Bluefly’s current shipping cost per order is $7.95, Oh So Chic’s current shipping cost per order is ZERO dollars. Yes – NOTHING. So far, you’ve spent roughly $88.00 at BlueFly compared to $31.00 at Oh So Chic! One last glance at sales and promotions of each site lets us know that at BlueFly, there is no applicable offer – however at Oh So Chic, there is a boutique summer sale; receive an additional 10% off every order by entering a discount code during the check out phase!

Shall we recap? : $88.00 at Bluefly (plus any in-state tax) vs $25.90 at Oh So Chic for the SAME.EXACT.DRESS.

Total savings? $62.10 aka a full tank of gas on my car! WOOOOOOOW

Now these may all seem like common sense, indeed they are – but sometimes we all need to be a reminder! So don’t forget: Comparison shop, check your shipping options, and shop the sales!

Happy Shopping ladies!

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