Saturday, June 14, 2008

Affordable Summer Dresses at Oh So Chic

Let's take a look at some of Oh So Chic! Boutique's most affordable summer dresses!

This orange strapless mini bubble dress is only $31 and perfect for a casual afternoon in the park, at the beach, or wherever you'll be hanging out on the hottest days this summer.

This sexy party dress is available in silver and purple for just $38. It's a hot dress, but will keep you cool on the warmest summer nights!

misope silver

The maxi dress has proven itself to be a trendy hit this fashion season! The maxi is feminine, flirty, sophisticated and sexy! This black, tan and red maxi is yours for just $42!

Red Tan and Black long dress

Happy Saturday!

Shop online: Affordable Trendy Summer Dresses - Oh So Chic Boutique

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