Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chic Tips for Recession Spending

Depending on who you ask, our economy has either been in a recession for the last several months, or is headed into a recession by the next fiscal quarter. Discretionary consumer spending is down and those lovely checks from the government certainly haven’t “stimulated” the economy in the ways we thought it would.
So the question is, what does all of that mean to the fashionista? Those of us addicted to retail? Simply put, it means we have to be creative in our quest for flyness! I’ve compiled several tips that will certainly prove useful during this stormy economic season.

Chic Tips for Recession Spending:

1.Comparison shop: I’ll admit to being an extremely compulsive buyer. When I see something hot, I immediately move into “gotta have it NOW” mode. I completely disregard the the price and rarely check for cheaper options. However, to be a savvy chic shopper – we MUST compare prices. Ladies – repeat after me: I.WILL.COMPARISON.SHOP!

Lets take a quick peak at an example to illustrate this point! An Oh So Chic Savvy Shopper found this great savings! offers this Romeo&Juliet Couture bubble mini dress. They list the retail value of this coral mini dress at $150, their mark down price is $90 – and then their final sale price is $79.99 offered this SAME dress at one price, and one price only - $31.00!

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Oh So Chic's Affordable Price

Same dress at Blue Fly

2.Shipping Costs: Now at first thought, this would primarily apply when you’re shopping online, however – this can also be weighed into your purchase decisions when you tell yourself on Monday that you’re headed out to the mall on Saturday to pick up an item. With the average cost of gas in the United States coming in at a whopping $4 per gallon, and an expected rise of $5 per gallon before the end of the summer, the Chic Savvy Shopper must consider her shipping options. Search out Online Boutique sites that offer free or discounted shipping. But in doing this, be sure to read the fine print. Is there a minimum purchase amount? What are their return policies? How long will it take for you to receive your order? If necessary, contact the merchant directly to have these questions answered. This tip, combined with Tip #1 can save you a TON of money after it’s all said and done.

3.Shop the Sales!: This tip could really go hand in hand with tip #1. As Online-Boutiques (webtiques) along with brick&mortar storefronts look to entice shoppers despite the economic downturn, there will be a rise in special sales and savings. Look for sites that offer special discounts over and above their already budget-friendly pricing and discounted shipping!

Lets use the example in Tip #1:

The mini dress at it’s lowest price from Bluefly, was 79.99 vs an affordable boutique price of $31.00 at Oh So Chic. Bluefly’s current shipping cost per order is $7.95, Oh So Chic’s current shipping cost per order is ZERO dollars. Yes – NOTHING. So far, you’ve spent roughly $88.00 at BlueFly compared to $31.00 at Oh So Chic! One last glance at sales and promotions of each site lets us know that at BlueFly, there is no applicable offer – however at Oh So Chic, there is a boutique summer sale; receive an additional 10% off every order by entering a discount code during the check out phase!

Shall we recap? : $88.00 at Bluefly (plus any in-state tax) vs $25.90 at Oh So Chic for the SAME.EXACT.DRESS.

Total savings? $62.10 aka a full tank of gas on my car! WOOOOOOOW

Now these may all seem like common sense, indeed they are – but sometimes we all need to be a reminder! So don’t forget: Comparison shop, check your shipping options, and shop the sales!

Happy Shopping ladies!

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