Friday, June 13, 2008

Her Chic Style: Michelle Obama

We'll be doing a weekly feature titled "Her Chic Style" where we will spotlight a celeb/entertainer - or in this case, potential First Lady, and examine her style - and play pretend e-dress up with her!

Let me tell it, Michelle Obama is the epitome of modern day style, chicness, and fab! Growing up, I imagined what I would be like as a 40-something professional, mother, wife and diva. I didn't know it then, but the mental picture I created was that of Michelle Obama! Often compared to the lovely Jackie O, Michelle O is definitely setting a new trend on what Fab at 40+ can look like!

This first picture is my all time fave! far. I love how she isn't afraid to play with color in this simple purple dress, and she definitely knows how to accessorize! The wide belt sets it off, and perfectly highlights her figure that puts a lot of women half her age to shame! Her trademark chunky pearls paired with matching earrings has me browsing for my own set! And her hair!! LOVE.IT! I'll admit that several months ago, I was a little concerned about her edges. They seemed....I dunno, not as full as I would like! But lately her hair has been fierce! I wonder does she do roller sets? Dry wraps? Dominican blow outs? How often does she use heat? I'll be emailing to ask those questions, I promise to let you know if she answers!


Her style is constantly chic, effortless, and age appropriate. She isnt trying to be 21 again, nor is she resigned to dressing like she's got one foot in the grave either.

michelle o

michelle 2


michelle 5

michelle 6

michelle 3

Now....after carefully studying Mrs. Obama, I asked myself - if I had to send her one item, and one item only from the Oh So Chic Collection what would it be? Well, clearly, Michelle is a Classic Chic kinda lady. No party dresses, or super tight tops. So with that said, I think Michelle wants to wear the Tradition Dress .

The Tradition is a classic Sheath Dress. She can play it down by wearing it sans belt, throwing on a pair of flats and a cardigan. OR she can completely dress it up by accessorizing with a glam wide-waist belt or sash, a pair of stilettos and her chunky pearls. She can take it from casual 9-5 to black tie event in under 15minutes!

Stay tuned for next Friday's Her Chic Style: Victoria Beckham!

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Diva Boutiques said...

You picked the right dress for her style! Gret can't wait to read next friday Victoria Beckham