Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthstones: Opal & Pink Tourmaline

I'm an October baby, a true Libra Diva by defintion. We love peace, strive for balance - and are probably the most diplomatic of all the Zodiac. Generally speaking, we are attractive, gracious, and love pretty things - from artwork to jewels. Our spending habits aren't exactly the best, so the Libra woman often finds herself "improvising" and daydreaming until the time (and money) comes that will allow her to REALLY live the lifestyle she wants!

Well I'm here to say that right now I'm doing as Kanye West suggests "Before I had it, I closed my eyes and imagined!" (lol)My wallet doesn't allow me to indulge in my quest for a collection of all the gemstones my heart desires. I pretty much refuse to look at them. I figure, until I can afford to get EXACTLY what I want, I'm not even going to be cruel and tease myself by window-shopping. That is until a few weeks ago when I had a conversation with my SO's mom, a jewelry afficianado! She's fun, classic, no holds barred, and has a collection to last a life time.

Our conversation began when he asked her if she could tell the difference between a diamonique and a real diamond. From there we spent the next hour discussing cuts, gems, charms, clasps, EVERYTHING. I told her that I wanted to purchase a really good set of pearls for my 31st b-day this year. From there the discussion turned to my birthstone, which I told her I hated - the opal. It isn't brilliant and sparkly like the diamond, nor is it my favorite stone/color like the blue sapphire. My aunt had given me an gold opal tennis bracelet for my birthday a few years back. I wore it a few times and tossed it in a drawer. My SO's mom gave me a very thorough history of the opal, how to care for it, and how impressive they really could be. She then told me about my other birthstone, the pink tourmaline. I was aware of it - but again, disregarded it because it wasn't my favorite, the diamond or blue sapphire. She checked me good once again! Since that conversation I've grown a fascination towards the opal & pink tourmaline. I google image them, and daydream about opal & pink tourmaline rings.

I've already found a pair of cute pink tourmaline & opal dangle drop earrings and a PT & O ring that I could wear every day that would match the earrings perfectly. And this pink tourmaline e-ring which is suprisingly affordable! *signs* One day...I'll have an out of this world collection myself - but to close just as I opened, in the words of Kanye West..."Before, I had it I closed my eyes and imagine"

Until tomorrow - enjoy the rest of your monday!

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