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It's bad enough that women still suffer from a gender gap when climbing the corporate ladder, but female entrepreneurs around the world also experience a gender gap when it comes to owning and starting up their own businesses. A study of 41 countries by the Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College in the U.S has found that women are hugely active in creating and running businesses around the world, contributing to economies representing more than 70 per cent of the world's population and 93 per cent of global GDP.Yet a gender gap persisted in new venture creation and business ownership, it argued, with the gender difference most obvious in high-income countries ...... Article by: Nic Paton for


The gender gap, corporate glass ceiling, and desire to be more readily available to their families are probably amongst the most popular reasons that women give when they make the sacrificial decision to explore business ownership. Depending on the industry - we look to entrepreneurship as a level playing field, and an opportunity to ensure financial freedom and stability.

Unfortunately, we're sometimes so eager in our quest - we are unprepared, overwhelmed, underfunded, and aren't fully supported in our endeavors. Ultimately leading to failure. However, despite the statistics - I'm here to say that it isn't all doom & gloom! I have drawn personal inspiration from dozens of women small-business owners who often go nameless and unrecognized.

But we are going to shine the spotlight on those many faces, and give them the recognition they deserve! "The Chicpreneur" will become a weekend blog special, where we interview various women on their way to building successful businesses!


Shannon Denton of is our first feature in The Chicpreneur series! We hope you enjoy our interview with Shannon:

Oh So Chic: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?

My name is Shannon Denton, I am a proud wife to Matt of nine years and mother to Meghan (8) and Amanda (6). We live in the hot Southwest, Arizona.

Oh So Chic: Ok Shannon! Now tell us one random, fun fact about yourself!

Shannon: One random fun crazy fact about me is I have to have my toes painted at all times and I have now passed this onto my girls.

Oh So Chic:
Thank you! Now on to business - how did you start yours? What was your inspiration?

Shannon: I started QT Sunglasses back in 2002 on eBay just thinking selling little things there would bring a little extra money to do fun things. After trying my husbands ideas on what to sell on eBay one day I asked him why not sunglasses? He thought I was crazy but I told him this is up my alley since it had to do with fashion and its girly. In 2006 I saw my girl friends website and I thought why not branch out off of eBay and start a online store as well. Since then I have grown to a small online business that helps support my family and stay home with the girls too.

Oh So Chic: What has been the most fulfilling aspect of business ownership for you Shannon?

Shannon: The most fulfilling aspect of owning my business is I get to stay at home with my girls. My husband and I always wanted me to stay home with the girls and not have them in daycare. With todays cost of living for the American family on the rise, I am grateful that I am bring in an income and not have to leave my home office.

Oh So Chic: Now spotlight one of your products/services - tell our readers why you love it!

Shannon: I have so many favorite sunglasses. My favorite has to be the pair I wear all the time Dolce and Gabbana Inspired SunglassesItem #452 They are not to over the top but they still make a awesome statement.
My second favorite item I sell witch might sounds silly to some are my Visor Clips. These keep my sunglasses off my front seat and now I know where
my glasses are at all times.

Oh So Chic: Thanks Shannon! Our final question, what's the most important piece of advice that you'd pass on to other aspiring business owners?

Shannon: The advice I give other aspiring business is to follow your instinct and sell things that you love and are inspired by. Take any support you can take from family and friends. An online business does not take off over night but over years so do not give up and hold onto your dreams.


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