Sunday, June 29, 2008

The ChicPreneur: Jasmines Bath & Beauty

This weekend's edition of The Chicpreneur features the owner of Jasmines Bath & Beauty - a natural approach to hair and skin care!


OSC: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?

Jasmine's: I'm a married mother of three. I love to read,watch movies, listen to music and network on the internet with others that share similar interests.

OSC: Tell us one random, fun fact about yourself!

Jasmine's: I can be very silly and playful especially with my kids. I love to laugh at myself.

OSC: Ok,now on to business - how did you start yours? What was your inspiration?

Jasmine's: I started my business by giving away free samples to volunteer testers and asking for their opinions and suggestions on the products. My goal was to offer quality products for the hair and body. It was important that my products contain organic ingredients and paraben free preservatives.

My daughter Jasmine was my inspiration. I've spent countless hours researching products and trying to find a solution to her once dry broken hair.I had baskets full of products that I'd wasted money on and decided that enough was enough. I refuse to spend any more of my money on useless,greasy products geared towards African American hair. Jasmine's Bath and Beauty Products was born.

OSC: Thank you! What has been the most fulfilling aspect of business ownership?

Jasmine's: Customer Feedback. I love to hear from my customers. I've had questions from ladies of different ethnic backgrounds and I've learned that some of the issues that we face with our hair and skin is also shared by other non-ethnic women.

OSC: Spotlight one of your products - tell our readers why you love it!

Jasmine's: The Shampoo Bar! It has an amazingly smooth texture and leaves the hair so soft and silky!!It's gentle enough to use on children and won't dry the skin. Even those with sensitive skin can use it because it's fragrance free. It doubles as a bath bar so you get two products for the price of one.

OSC: And our last question - what's the most important piece of advice that you'd pass on to other aspiring business owners?

Jasmine's: Stop hesitating.The time is now! Take your passion, do the research and start your business.Network with other business owners and exchange ideas and information. Business is all about positive relationships.


We'd like to thank Jasmine's Bath & Beauty for taking the time to answer our questions! For a limited time, receive a free sample of the shampoo bar with every purchase !

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