Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Megan Fox & Halle Berry in Gucci Gold

So I'm watching Transformers for about the 22nd time - yeah, seriously...you could say that I'm slightly obsessed with this movie. But umm...where was I? Oh - yes, watching Transformers and I decided to do a random google search for Megan Fox. She is just soooo gorgeous to me. Her bone structure, pretty eyes - and eyebrows, love 'em! Yes...I've also got a thing for eyebrows. As women, we understand how difficult it can be to get your brows juuust right, and how EASY it is to screw them all to hell! One wrong pluck and a face is RUINED for at least 2months!

But I've digressed. So I google Megan and just browse the pictures and come across this shot of her in a Gucci gold mini dress.! I can't tell you how excited I got. Halle Berry wore the same dress as well. (sidebar: she's hot too). But that isn't what excited me...I actually have the same exact piece! Well, except it isn't Versace, but almost!! (lol)

Anyways, here's Oh So Chic's designer inspired dress available for a fraction of the cost of the "real thing"! LOL

It's just $46 and available at www.OhSoChicBoutique.com

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