Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Sale & Dress -a-week giveaway!

This week we are launching a fabulous "Dress-A-Week" giveaway that will last through September 15th!!

Contest entry rules are pretty simple:

1. Add us as a friend on either myspace, facebook - or add our blogsite to your blogroll.

2. Repost the contest on your own blogsite, myspace bulletin OR facebook account. Including a link back to www.OhSoChicBoutique.com and our blogsite - http://ohsochicboutique.blogspot.com You don't have to repost on all 3 (though you can if you'd like), but you must repost on at least one.

3. Drop us a note or email and let us know that you've done it!

4. Winners will be announced every Wednesday !

It's just that simple!

The first dress up for grabs is the Summer Love Pencil Dress. Available in both white and pink! Normally priced at $46 - enter the contest before next Tuesday evening to have a chance to hang this in your closet for $0!

Don't forget - take advantage of our boutique summer sale as well! Act fast!

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