Monday, July 7, 2008

Custom Swarovski Tees

I have a thing for graphic tees - yes, even at 30! Customized swarovski adorned tee shirts and hot pants seem to be a new trend. We've found a few on the net that show allow you to bling your love for your favorited Presiential Nominee, display your Law of Attraction, and even a Hello Kitty! design!

Opulent Favors offers a full selection of Custom Swarovski Tees (click here)

I really like this one (lol it's a blog thing, but I'm sure you'll understand!)

They also have several election year customized designs. Check out this Future Democrat/Future Republican cute is that!

You can also choose between a set LOA custom t-shirts at Oh So Chic! as well. We feature a series: i pray, i believe, and i manifest .

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