Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trend Alert: High-Waist Shorts

We've seen the both the high waist skirts and pants both make their comeback. Though clearly, some are hating the trend? Why? Well, because high-waisted anything tends to accentuate the parts of our body that most women have the toughest time "controlling" !

However I'm here to tell you that you din't need to be waifishly thin, or Beyonce-curvy to pull off a well put together high-waist look! A few things to keep in mind when purchasing/wearing the look

* Fit is CRUCIAL!: There is nothing more tacky that bulging buttons. Even the most fabulous diva sometimes battles with a case of bloating or extra belly. This is why I personally believe in the power of the Spanx! If you are a woman over the age of 21 years old, you should own several quality body shaping & firming undergarments. In my most humble opinion of course!

* Whats up top?: In the case of the high-waist, what you wear on top is equally important to what you're wearing on the bottom. Keep the tops sleek and fitted. A cute tank, or fitted top that can be tucked in? Perfect!

Here are a couple affordable options to pull of a high-waist shorts look:

Blue Cotton/denim high waist shorts: $33

Yellow and white high waist shorts: $33

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